Deemed University

Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Madhav Nagar, Manipal,576104, Karnataka
(A Deemed University declared under Section 3 of the UGC Act,1956)
1. Government of India,Ministry of Human Resource Development notification declaring the Institute as 'Deemed to be University'
  • F. 9-8/89-U.3 dated 1st June,1993
  • F.9-8/89-U.3Dated 24th April,2000
  • F.9-8/89-U.3Dated 25th December,2002
2. Institute(s) under the Deemed to be University at the time of notification
  • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and associated teaching hospitals, Manipal
  • College of Dental Surgery, Manipal
  • College of Nursing, Manipal
  • Kasturba Medical College and Associated teaching institutions, Mangalore
  • College of Dental Surgery, Mangalore
(vide Notification No.F. 9-8/89-U.3 dated 1st June,1993)
3. Off campus(s)/Instituion(s) under ambit/constituent units(s)/study centre(s) approved by Government of India,Misnitry of Human Resource Development and UGC
  • Medical multi-campus at its own Manipal Hospital at Banglore(Off-campus)
    (vide UGC letter No.F.6-18/2001 (CPP-I) Dated 8th April,2002)
  • Manipal Institute of Technology & College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal
    (vide Notification No.F.9-8/89-U.3 Dated 24th May,2000)
  • Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal
    (vide Notification No.F.9-8/89- U.3 Dated 25th December,2002)
4. Off-shore campus(s) approved by Government of India,Ministry of Human Resource Developement and UGC
  • Off-Shore Campuses at Malaysia, Dubai and Oman
    (vide UGC letter No.F.6-18/2001 (CPP-I) Dated 8th April,2002)
5. Courses approved under distance mode Courses to be approved by UGC -AICTE-DEC Joint Committee
6. NAAC accreditation B+ level (75%) (1st October,2002) to (30th September,2007)
7. Website