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Life Skills (Jeevan Kaushal) 2019                                                        9

                                   Course 1: Communication Skills

                  Context and Justification :

                  Communication plays an important role in shaping an individual’s life, personal as well as professional.
                  Also it is the backbone of any organisation/institution. Success in life to a considerable extent
                  depends  on  effective  communication  skills.  In  today’s  world  of  computers  and  digital  media,
                  a strong communication skill base is essential for learners and for smooth functioning of an

                  Objectives :

                  This course has been developed with the following objectives:
                     1.  Identify common communication problems that may be holding learners back

                     2.  Identify what their non-verbal messages are communicating to others
                     3.  Understand role of communication in teaching-learning process
                     4.  Learning to communicate through the digital media

                     5.  Understand the importance of empathetic listening
                     6.  Explore communication beyond language.

                  Expected Outcome :

                  By  the  end  of  this  program  participants  should  have  a  clear  understanding  of  what  good
                  communication skills are and what they can do to improve their abilities.

                  Credit: 02
                  Duration: 30 Hours

                  Number & Titles of  Modules:

                  Total of  7 Modules

                   Module 1          Listening                                          4 Hours
                   Module 2          Speaking                                           6 Hours

                   Module 3          Reading                                            3 Hours

                   Module 4          Writing and different modes of  writing            4 Hours
                   Module 5          Digital Literacy                                   4 Hours

                   Module 6          Effective use of  Social Media                     4 Hours

                   Module 7          Non-verbal communication                           5 Hours
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