Academic Equivalance

National Skill Qualifications Framework (NSQF) has defined 10 levels of competency. Some School Boards are providing Level-4 certificate which is being considered as equivalent to Class-XII. UGC has written to all universities that students coming out with Level-4 certificates in Vocational Education should be given equal weightage and considered for admission into degree courses.

UGC has laid down Diploma, Advance Diploma and B.Voc. Degree programme under NSQF which are considered equivalent to Level-5, 6 and 7 of NSQF respectively.UGC guidelines for B.Voc.degreeprogramme provide for the following :-

Award Credits Corresponding NSQF level
Diploma 60 5
Advance Diploma 120 6
B.Voc. degree 180 7

Although academic higher education courses (such as academic degrees) are not covered in the NSQF, it may be broadly aligned with the prevailing framework for higher education qualifications, allowing levels of acquired competency to be compared with the academic degrees as suggested below :

Level Expected Level of competency as defined under NSQF Proposed Academic equivalence
Level –1 No responsibility, always works under continuous instruction and close supervision. Pertains to school level education
Level – 2 No responsibility, works under instruction and close supervision. Pertains to school level education
Level - 3 Works under close supervision. Some responsibilities for own work within defined limit. Pertains to school level education
Level – 4 Responsibility for own work and learning. Pertains to school level education
Level - 5 Responsibility for own work and learning and some responsibility for other’s work and learning. Diploma
Level - 6 Responsibility for own work and learning and full responsibility for other’s works and learning. Advance Diploma
Level - 7 Full responsibility for output of group and development. Graduation
Level - 8 Exercise management and supervision in the context of work/ study having unpredictable changes, responsible for development of self and others. Honours at Under-Graduate level
Level - 9 Responsible for decision making in complex technical activities, involving unpredictable study/work situations. Masters
Level - 10 Responsible for strategic decisions in unpredictable complex situations of work/study. Doctoral

The UGC guidelines for Curricular Aspects, Assessment Criteria and Credit System for Skill based Vocational Courses have defined credits for specific NSQF level as above which may utilize as a tool for equivalence to the academic qualifications at par with equal number of credits awarded by any institutions in related specializations.