Dr. Dev Swarup, Additional Secretary, UGC has been a prominent constitutive functionary at the apex statutory body of Higher Education, University Grants Commission for more than 25 years. It includes his proficient and immaculate stint as Joint Secretary, UGC for more than a decade. Besides, as the Vice-Chancellor of University of Rajasthan, he has showcased exemplary organisational and administrative skills which have been the epitome of good governance for the institution.

His administrative dexterity is evident in all his occupancies at various capacities. He has significantly contributed in policy formulation at various levels of Higher Education with a marked presence in several committees of MHRD, Planning Commission, UGC and ICSSR. Being in the Governing Board and Finance Committees, his innovative propositions and active indulgence have benefited several Universities to the core. His vigor led him to travel extensively to represent not only UGC but the Nation at the global platforms. Congruently, his workmanship and congeniality have closely associated him with his counter parts in several countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Sultanate of Oman etc. Dr. Swarup is recognized as a man of commendable significance in the field of Area Studies and Internationalization of Higher Education.

Not only the administrative competence, but also his academic brilliance enumerates an outstanding record with D.Litt and Ph.D in Social Sciences. Apart from his professional commitments, he also engages himself in active academic discourse. He has also been Visiting Professor at the Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, University of Calcutta. He is blessed with remarkable eloquence which has been widely acknowledged at various National and International platforms.

As Vice Chancellor of the University of Rajasthan, apart from routine administrative affairs, he took up one of the most challenging task of bringing back the fervour of University, which he impeccably outclassed. Under his guidance the University bloomed and relived its history of glorious past. He initiated reforms in governance, curriculum designs, class conduction, transparency in affiliation processes, clarification and redefinition of the ambiguity in regular and Self-Financing courses etc. He reared substantial reduction in litigation and personally made the efforts to resolve the long pending court cases.

Dr. Swarup through his action backed approach added a magnitude of strength to the University by successfully accomplishing the much-awaited recruitment process due from past three decades. His dynamic leadership and result-oriented approach enthused innovation and synergia in the young recruits and the senior faculty in order to not only restore the stature of the University but also to pave way for a brighter future.

He stood out against all odds to transform the University ranging from infrastructural to the structural levels, to make it a centre of excellence. With his round the clock diligence and unparalleled synergic affinity not only the faculty but also the students never hesitated to reach out to him for resolutions. His place is marked with high regards in the history of the University of Rajasthan. And, his bravura leaves a hallmark of success in each responsibility taken-up by him in any capacity.

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