Dr.(Mrs.) Urmila Devi, Additional Secretary, University Grants Commission

Dr. Urmila Devi, Additional Secretary, UGC

Dr. (Mrs) Urmila Devi, Additional Secretary, UGC Scholar of Aurobindo Philosophy, truthful worshipper of Karma and Sarvajaneen Mukti, social scientist with scientific vigour obtained her Post Graduation Degree in Sanskrit (Philosophy) as an Exceptional student who studied Two courses of specialisation on her own. Notwithstanding all odds and social constraints scored highest marks in the University and awarded UGC Rank Holder Junior Research Fellowship in1988. Persuasive childhood style and activist dedication derived her to study the discipline limited for elite class of the society. Breaking the centuries old social bars, she achieved M.Phil and Ph.D (Upanishadic Philosophy) degrees from internationally renowned Aligarh Muslim University. Simultaneously successfully performed the teaching duties and assignments comparable to the Asstt. Professor as per UGC Fellowship guidelines.

In 1994, she got selected for the post of Education Officer in UGC. Though she was determined to satiate her inbuilt natural talent thus fully equipped herself to serve as a teacher and ethical motivator of the society. Realizing the philosophical fact - `the cosmic world is a stage we all puppets are to perform as per the assigned characters'. Resultantly, several months long soul searching reconciliation made her to join UGC in March, 1995. She made vital contribution to achieve the UGC targets for the coordination and determination of standards in Institutions of Higher Education and Quality Teaching and Research. She served in all schemes of UGC including heading the mandatory dispositions like- Right to Information, Anti Mal Practices Cell, Anti Ragging, Parliament, Public Grievances, Legal, Rajbhasha etc. Being proficient in many languages she was associated with several highly Empowered Committees in various capacities constituted by UGC and MHRD Model Curriculum Development Committees for classical Languages, Modern Languages, Performing Arts, J&K Development Committee on Educational Reforms. She has also represented UGC in the meetings of various Regulatory bodies and Institutions of higher Education along with several Ministries.

Blessed with natural oratory skills on extempore subject matters, she addressed several convocations in universities and Autonomous colleges including a large number of national and international seminars, conferences and workshops. The Teachers Training Programmes organised by Academic Staff Colleges/ Human Resource Development Centres of prestigious institutions have been chaired by her. She has visited most of the leading universities/colleges specially located in border, backward, turbulent areas of the country in various capacities and closely observed the teaching learning process, research, quality assurance, educational systems, infrastructure, use of technology, governance and other dimensions of higher education. Such practical approach made her vision deep penetrative about the dominating factors of discrimination prevalent at social, economic, regional and gender levels of Indian society.

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