Honours & Awards

Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards

The University Grants Commission with the help of an endowment made by Hari Om Ashram Trust, Nadiad, has instituted these awards to be awarded every year to outstanding scientists from 1974 onwards. Now the value of each award is enhanced from Rs. 10,000/-each to Rs. 50,000/- each which includes UGC's share of Rs.40,000/-. These awards are :

  1. The Jagdish Chandra Bose Award for Research in Life Sciences.

  2. The Sir C.V. Raman Award for Research in Physical Sciences.

  3. The Meghnad Saha Award for Research in Theoretical Sciences.

  4. The Homi J. Bhabha Award for Research in Applied Sciences.

  5. Award to outstanding Scientists/Social Scientists in the field of Interaction between Science and Society.

Nominations are invited from the universities, institutions of national importance, etc. and the nominations received are scrutinised by a Committee of experts in the specified areas. The scientists thus shortlisted are requested to supply the requisite documents in support of their work. The Committee may also suggest other names of outstanding scientists who could be considered for the awards.

The members of the Committee and the members of the University Grants Commission are not eligible for nomination under the scheme. The recommendations made by the Committee are then considered by the Commission finally.

General Guidelines for Governing the Awards :

  1. Only contributions by Indian Scientists individual or by a team of 2-3 persons would be eligible for this award. The institutions or organisations are not covered under the scheme.

  2. The prize would be awarded to an individual or a team for outstanding contributions to the development of interaction between science (including Technology) and society and which has made conspicuously important contribution to the development of Indian Society.

  3. In deciding the award attention would be focused on the specific contributions made during the last five to seven years period

  4. The work to be assessed would cover books, monographs, papers or any other published account of research work, inventions, discoveries etc. for which the nominee has not already received a similar award form any other agency.

  5. The work should have been carried out in India.

Specific guidelines for the award in the field of 'Interaction between Science and Society'

  1. Social, Economic, Cultural and Political factors which have either promoted or impeded development of scientific ideas, their implementation and acceptance and application for the benefit of society.

  2. Generation of concepts concerning development of Science, its value system and its impact on the Indian Society from time to time.

  3. Development of scientific culture and temper as an integral part of fabric of social structure.

  4. Strategies and movements of relevant scientific developments which have made a distinct contribution to the national developments and welfare of society.

  5. Contributions through analysis of factors responsible for promotion of scientific and technological development and Initiation of appropriate processes of change through active participation.

  6. Development of scientific policies and their implementation and the beneficial results accuring from such scientific policies and endeavours.

  7. Strategies for scientific development.

  8. The words "Science/Scientific" in these guidelines may be interpreted in broad terms to include not only the Natural Sciences - Physical, Biological, Mathematical but also to cover Social Sciences and contributions which have relevance in India.