1. Published on 07-11-2020
    UGC guidelines on reopening of Universities & Colleges post lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic.

  2. Published on 20-07-2020
    UGC Letter regarding: Inauguration of various activities under MANODARPAN initiative

  3. Published on 18-07-2020
    UGC Press Release regarding: Terminal Semester(s)/Final Year Examinations for the Universities

  4. Published on 08-07-2020
    UGC Letter regarding: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Conduct of Examination

  5. Published on 06-07-2020
    UGC Letter regarding: Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in view of COVID-19 Pandemic

  6. Published on 24-06-2020
    UGC Public Notice regarding: Extension of UGC sponsored fellowships which are expired/expiring during the Corona Pandemic period

  7. Published on 12-06-2020
    UGC Letter regrading: Facilitation of Study on impact of COVID-10 & 1918 Pandemic (H1N1) by Universities/Colleges

  8. Published on 03-06-2020
    Ayush Sanjivani App

  9. Published on 27-05-2020
    UGC Letter regarding.: Payment of Fees

  10. Published on 26-05-2020
    UGC Letter regarding: Monitoring grievances/ concerns related to Examinations and Academic Calendar in view of COVID-19 pandemic

  11. Published on 19-05-2020
    UGC Letter regarding.: UG-PG Non-engineering MOOCs Courses to be offered on SWAYAM, July, 2020

  12. Published on 10-05-2020

  13. Published on 04-05-2020
    UGC letter regarding :National Digital Library (NDLI) COVID-19 Academic and Research Repository

  14. Published on 04-05-2020
    UGC letter regarding: Internships

  15. Published on 29-04-2020
    UGC Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar

  16. Published on 25-04-2020
    UGC Press Release on : Examinations & Academic Calendar

  17. Published on 22-04-2020
    Chairman, UGC , Prof. D. P. Singh participating in a Panel Discussion on e-learning initiatives on DD News

  18. Published on 17-04-2020
    UGC letter regarding: Issues Related to Examinations and Academic Calendar

  19. Published on 11-04-2020
    An Appeal: Inviting ideas/ suggestions for Bharat Padhe Online campaign

  20. Published on 10-04-2020
    UGC letter reg : Downloading the Aarogya Setu App

  21. Published on 05-04-2020
    UGC letter reg :Mental health & Well being of Students during and after COVID-19

  22. Published on 03-04-2020
    Letter reg COVID 19 : STAY SAFE

  23. Published on 30-03-2020
    यू. जी. सी. गुणवत्ता अधिदेश (Quality Mandate ) : प्रतावित शक्षणिक गतिविधियां

  24. Published on 28-03-2020
    UGC Quality Mandate : Suggestive Academic Activities

  25. Published on 28-03-2020
    UGC Appeal to Universities and Colleges for contribution to combat COVID-19

  26. Published on 27-03-2020
    UGC letter regarding :Safety and Care of Hostel Residents

  27. Published on 25-03-2020
    UGC letter reg : LET COVID 19 not stop you from learning- ICT initiatives of MHRD & UGC for teaching learning

  28. Published on 21-03-2020
    Appeal from Prof. D.P. Singh, Chairman, University Grants Commission to combat CORONA Virus

  29. Published on 21-03-2020
    UGC letter regarding : Preventive measures to achieve 'social distancing'- Permission to teaching and non-teaching staff to work from home

  30. Published on 19-03-2020
    UGC Letter to Universities reg.: Precautions to be taken in the light of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  31. Published on 12-03-2020
    UGC Letter reg.: MHRD NME-ICT initiatives.

  32. Published on 05-03-2020
    UGC Letter reg.: Advisory for Universities and Colleges - Novel Coronavirus (COVID19)