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A Mini-Orange Electron Transporter for Electron Spectroscopy
Ref No:QxWx01/007
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Technology Outcome: Product
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IPR Status: Not Patented
Technology Description: The mini- orange system consists of a central lead absorber and a brass diaphragm in which thin-wedge shaped magnets are fixed. The detector and the source lie on either side of this diaphragm. This arrangement acts as a filter, by focusing the electrons from the source, through the gaps between the magnets, into the detector. Positrons are focused away from the detector, while x-rays, gamma rays and delta rays are absorbed in to the tungsten absorber. The application areas are electron-gamma spectroscope. The competitive advantages are: (i) Easy to fabricate and setup (ii) Cost effective (iii) Simple to maintain and use (iv) Considerable reduction in background can be achieved.
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Source: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University)