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New Methods of Oxidative Aryl-Aryl Coupling and Effect of Transition Metal Complexes
Ref No:BADA01/016
Sub Class: Organic Chemistry
Technology Outcome: Process
Development Status: Preliminary Research
IPR Status: Not Patented
Technology Description: The catalytic activity of NiCl2 (PPh3)2, CoCl2 (PPh3)2, CuCl2 (PPh3)2, FeCl3 (PPh3)3, [Ag (PPh3)2]Cl, Ni(dppe)Cl2, Co(dppe)2Cl2, Cu(dppe)2Cl2, and [Ag (dppe)]Cl on aryl-aryl coupling has been investigated. NiCl2 (PPh3)2, shows highest activity.
Technology owner: Research and Development Institute
Suggested transfer means: Know-how, Technical Assistance
Type of technology partner sought:
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University)