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Novel Diorganotin Compound v Having Antitumour and Anticancer
Ref No:BARB01/019
Sub Class: Organic Chemistry
Technology Outcome: Product
Development Status:
IPR Status: Patent Pending
Technology Description: The invention relates to an improved process for the preparation of "Diethyldichloro(N-(2-pyridylmethylene).4- toluidine)tin(IV)" complex The complex has been characterize by microanalysis, IR, NMR ('H & '3C), "9Sn M6ssbauer and single crystal X-ray crystailographic techniques. The compound is known for anti tumour and anti cancer activity.The preparation of the diethyldichloro(N-(2-pyridylmethylene)-4- toluidine)tin(IV) can be carried out in an efficient fume hood with a very simple experimental set-up. There will be no harmful effluent during work-up and thereby there will be no pollution problem. Laboratory safety rules for handling organotin compounds must be exercised.
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Source: North Eastern Hill University (Courtesy PFC - TIFAC)