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Optical Character Recognition System to Recognize Printed Dravidian Script
Ref No:JAFx01/010
Sub Class: Application Software
Technology Outcome: Product
Development Status: Prototype
IPR Status: Copyright
Technology Description: Commercial OCR software packages are available for English and other Latin-like languages. This is an OCR system primarily for Telugu and Tamil languages. The process consists of scanning and digitization, pre-processing, segmentation, feature extraction, classification and post processing. It uses ISCII codes during post processing. These codes have been subsequently stored in ACI format, which is compatible with iLeap word editor. The application areas are intelligent form readers and digitization of manuscripts. The competitive advantages are: (i) Cost effective (ii) Efficiency.
Technology owner: R & D institute
Suggested transfer means: Know How
Type of technology partner sought:
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University)