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Software for Simulating Planetarium Shows
Ref No:JAQx01/018
Sub Class: Application Software
Technology Outcome: Product
Development Status:
IPR Status: Not Patented
Technology Description: This software is the part of a system, which automates the control of all the resources used for producing an aesthetic impact in the planetarium. The dome of the planetarium is mimicked in the software. The operator can view shows offline, without turning on the entire planetarium system, using just a multimedia PC. This development is applicable in education and scientific Research, media and entertainment, indigenously automating planetaria in the country. The competitive advantage is: (i) Cost effective alternative to commercial planetarium.
Technology owner: Private institution
Suggested transfer means: Technical Assistance
Type of technology partner sought: Indian Planetaria
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University)