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a) Antibody Assay Diagnostic Kit for Filariasis ; b) Antigen Assay Diagnostic Kit for Filariasisline
Ref No:KCRC01/001
Sub Class: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Technology Outcome: Product
Development Status:
IPR Status: Not Patented
Technology Description: Sequenced ESTS of filarial parasite B.Malayi has been identified as recombinant antigen Wb-SXP useful for diagnostic purpose. Two kits have been developed, Antibody Assay Kit & Antigen Assay Kit. The application areas for this product are medical diagnosis and treatment.
Technology owner:
Suggested transfer means: Joint research, training, consultancy, scientific know-how
Type of technology partner sought: Research and Development labs, Industry
Geographical areas where partners are sought: India, Australia, Malasia
Source: Anna University