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Diagnostic Kits and Therapeutic Measures for Viral Diseases of Silkworm Bombyx Moriy
Ref No:KARC01/004
Sub Class: Biology and Biotechnology
Technology Outcome: Service
Development Status: Launch Phase
IPR Status: Not Patented
Technology Description: Detects the viruses in Bombyx Mori even before they commence pathogenesis in the silk worm. Present practices are only preventive & there are no attempts made to diagnose the pathogens early and try to cure the disease. This technique can detect minutest quantities of viruses even before they manifest symptoms of the diseases. The whole process of diagnosis takes 4-6 desk hours. This development is applicable in sericulture farming .The technology is useful wherever silkworms are reared for production of silkworm seeds. The competitive advantages are: (i) It is a technological breakthrough and no such technology is available in the market addressing the problems (ii) At present only preventive measures are practiced and no attempts are made to diagnose the pathogens early and cure the disease. This technology fills this lacuna.
Technology owner: Private Individual
Suggested transfer means: Licensing, Joint commercialization, Corporate partnering
Type of technology partner sought:
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: University of Karnatak