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New Anti-malarial Drugs
Ref No:KCRB01/015
Sub Class: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
Technology Outcome: Product
Development Status: Preliminary Research
IPR Status: Not Patented
Technology Description: A structural framework of clinically approved drug molecules to build scaffold which offers advantages in overcoming the drug resistance have been used in the putative drug molecules. The scaffold is found to offer specificity in inhibiting parasitic enzymes rather than those of the host. The application area for this product is drug discovery program of pharmaceutical industry. The competitive advantages are: (i) Selective toxicity (ii) Enhanced activity (iii) Overcoming drug resistance problem.
Technology owner: Private Individual
Suggested transfer means: Joint research, Joint commercialization
Type of technology partner sought: Pharma industries with R & D and pilot plant facility for manufacturing pharmaceutical grade drugs for clinical
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: University of Pune