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New Thrombolytic Enzyme from a Thermophile
Ref No:KCRB01/019
Sub Class: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Technology Outcome: Product, Process
Development Status: Preliminary Research, Business Concept
IPR Status: Patent Pending
Technology Description: Search for biotechnologically important, thermophilic and pH tolerant actinomyces flora from a tectonic zone was carried out. Selection of the flora was carried out on the basis of the production of the thrombolytic enzymes with a short incubation period at 55o. After selection and identification of the isolate, optimization of the production parameters for the thrombolytic enzyme was carried out using a 10-litre fermenter. The isolate could produce 150mg/l of the enzyme with a specific activity of 4000IU/mg within 18 hours under optimum condition of pH 8.0 and at 55oC. The cell free broth was further processed by ionic precipitation, desalting, isoelectric focusing and preparatory PAGE. The yield of pure protein was 9.9 mg with 55 fold increase of activity. The main application areas are therapeutic agents for myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke and venous enthrombolism in human beings. This enzyme can be used in lieu of surgical procedure, which is very expensive. As the enzyme will be cheaper than the available ones so the common people will be benefited with this enzyme.
Technology owner: R & D institute
Suggested transfer means: Know How, Joint venture
Type of technology partner sought: Only pharmaceutical industries which have the facility for clinical trials of this type of enzyme.line
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Asia & Pacific, Europe, North America
Source: Agharkar Research Institute (University of Pune)