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Newer Therapeutics for Pseudomonas Infections
Ref No:KCRB01/020
Sub Class: Pharmaceuticals and Health Care
Technology Outcome: Product, Process, Service
Development Status: Clinical Trials
IPR Status: Patented
Technology Description: This development increases the intra cellular concentration of the drug in the bacterium so that lesser amount of the drug turns out to be the minimal inhibitory concentration. This is achieved by a variety of agents added as adjuvant, based on theoretical expectations of sites of action. Specific applications in which this development can be used effectively are pseudomonas infections in burns, opportunistic infections at the surface-specifically cystic fibrosis in the human and other infections including pseudomonas mastitis in cows. The competitive advantage is: (i) The safe nature of the compounds used as adjuvant makes the toxicity testing very simple and can be undertaken readily.
Technology owner:
Suggested transfer means: Know How, Design consultancy, licensing
Type of technology partner sought: Pharmaceutical industry
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: University of Pune