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Pharmaceutical Hard Capsules from Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide
Ref No:KCRB01/024
Sub Class: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Technology Outcome: Product
Development Status: Prototype
IPR Status: Patent Pending
Technology Description: The process is for the preparation of Pharmaceutical Hard Capsules from tamarind seeds. It involves isolation of Polysaccharide from tamarind seed kernel and preparation of hard capsules from aqueous solution of the carbohydrate by dip moulding technique. This technique is similar to the one used for the preparation of hard gelatin capsules. These capsules can be used in place of hard gelatin capsules in pharmaceutical industries. The competitive advantages are: (i) Tamarind seed polysaccharide capsule is plant origin and acceptable to all. (ii) It is stable at wide humidity range (iii) It does not support microbial growth.
Technology owner: R & D institute
Suggested transfer means: Joint research, Joint commercialization
Type of technology partner sought: The prospective partner preferred is the institution/industry already experienced in the field of hard capsule technologyoans.c
Geographical areas where partners are sought: Worldwide
Source: Annamalai University