CPIO Details

UGC- Western Regional Office, Ganeshkhind, Pune – 411 007 (Maharashtra)
All matters related to UGC grants to colleges of following states:
1. Maharashtra
2. Gujarat
3. Goa
4. Union Territory of Daman & Diu
5. Dadar & Nagar Haveli

Appellate Authority

Dr. R. Manoj Kumar
Jonit Secretary
Fax: 020-25691477
Email: wrougc@gmail.com

Name Tele.No.& Email IDs of CPIOs

Sh. Vinod Singh Yadav
Education officer

Western Regional Office , Pune

(C) 2015. Western Regional office (Pune)
Western Regional Office Ganeshkhind Pune - 411 007 (Maharashtra) (India)

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